Phillip & Heather Tice

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While uploading the pictures for this blog “All you need is love” by the Beatles came on my pandora station. What an appropriate mood to set for writing this blog. 😀 When Heather called me so many months ago telling me she needed a photographer I jumped at the chance! I just knew that being a part of their wedding was going to be such an amazing opportunity and it did not disappoint. The love between these two beautiful human beings is solid. You can feel it. And to get the chance to capture that was inspiring to say the least. I feel so blessed not only to know these two but also to be able to call them friends. And just the other day when I delivered the photos to them Heather told me that they are already getting ready to welcome a little baby Tice into their home! With how strong their love for each other is, I can only imagine how loved this sweet baby is going to be! Cant wait to get to take pictures of the family!

Thank you Heather and Phillip for allowing me to be a part of your big day and CONGRATS on the future little Tice you will be chasing around in 9 short months! 😀 Love you both!

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